Coin Removals April 12th 2021

LiteBit aims to have a reliable, healthy and fair priced offer of cryptocurrencies on its platform. Some cryptocurrencies that are currently traded at LiteBit do not meet these requirements. This made us decide to stop trading the following coins: FeathercoinBlackcoinMyriadcoin, UBIQ, Validity, Okcash, Peercoin,, CROWN, Gulden, ORBS, Sirin, Viacoin, Polymath, NavcoinParticlGroestl coin, Status.  

Important notification about (CRO) 

Due to technical reasons has to be sold or withdrawn from our platform before the 25th of March 2021. Selling and withdrawing is possible until this date. After this date, it is no longer possible to withdraw or sell these funds.  

What to do?   

  1. Login to your LiteBit account  
  2. Go to your wallet page  
  3. Sell or withdraw the cryptocurrencies to an external party or wallet. Please note: the minimum sell value is 8 euros.

What happens with the rest of these coins? 

Selling will be possible until the 12th of April 2021. The wallets of the rest of the cryptocurrencies will (when technically possible) remain active for another six months. The cryptocurrencies you have in your wallet will stay in your wallet. This means that withdrawing the cryptocurrencies to an external party or wallet will be possible until then. After the 22nd of October 2021, we will remove the wallets.

Why are all these coins currently in maintenance?

Only the buying of these coins is put in maintenance. Selling and withdrawals are possible. You can sell or withdraw from your wallet page on the website or by clicking on "portfolio" if you are in the app.

We have put a halt on buying these coins to prevent any misunderstanding for new buyers. 


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