FAQ Cease of operations for residents of France and Austria

Please read our full announcement by clicking here if you have not done so already.

This FAQ is only applicable to residents of France and Austria.

What will happen to my crypto?

Your crypto is still safely stored in your LiteBit wallet. However, it is important to take action before 28-08-2023. This is the last day you can access your funds. 

What will happen to my euro/credits?

You can withdraw your euro balance to a verified IBAN. Please click here for more information on how to do so. 

Where can I find my verified IBAN on LiteBit?

Login to the LiteBit website or the LiteBit App. Go to your Euro balance and click on withdraw. You will see your verified IBAN (bank account). If you have not added a verified IBAN, you can follow the instructions if you click on “add bank account”.

Which crypto can I withdraw?

Any crypto you were able to withdraw before the partnership announcement, will still be available for withdrawal to an external wallet. Please note that some crypto we offer are in trade-only mode. Trade-only crypto are not available for withdrawal. You can still sell these trade-only crypto.

Why can I not withdraw certain crypto?

If the crypto you are trying to withdraw is in trade-only mode, it is not possible to withdraw. Trade-only mode is a permanent status and will not become available at a later date. You will have to sell any remaining balance you currently have in your LiteBit wallet, before the deadline. After the deadline we will sell any remaining balances and transfer the resulting euro balance to your verified IBAN.

Some crypto may be in maintenance temporarily. We will always provide a reason for the maintenance on our statuspage. Please keep an eye on that page for the latest info.

What happens when I do nothing?

After the deadline you will no longer be able to access your funds.