Experimental crypto

To ensure that LiteBit customers can make informed decisions before trading certain cryptocurrencies, we have introduced the label “Experimental Crypto”. These cryptocurrencies have certain characteristics we want to bring to your attention.  

When is a crypto considered Experimental? 

There is always a certain risk involved in trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are considered volatile. A crypto can be labeled as Experimental for many reasons, varying from but not limited to: 

  • Volatility that is higher than you would see from other (similar) cryptocurrencies 
  • A relatively low market cap 
  • Relatively low trade volume 
  • Low availability, for example they are only trading at a few (perhaps smaller or less known) exchanges 
  • Ongoing or expected regulatory uncertainty 
  • Little transparency from the team behind the cryptocurrency 

Which cryptocurrencies are considered Experimental Crypto? 

Currently, the following cryptocurrencies are labeled Experimental Crypto. However, due to market conditions, changes to the project or any other reason, LiteBit may add or remove any cryptocurrencies to or from this list. Therefore, this list is subject to change:  

Crypto Ticker
Floki Inu  FLOKI

How can I trade Experimental Crypto? 

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies that are labeled as Experimental, a disclaimer will be shown. If you read the disclaimer and understand and accept that there are certain characteristics that can apply to an Experimental Crypto, you can check the box to acknowledge the content of the disclaimer and the ‘learn more’ sections and start trading.   


As we have mentioned earlier, trading cryptocurrencies always comes with a certain risk – not just the Experimental Crypto. That’s why we at LiteBit very much encourage you to do your own research (at reliable sources) before you start trading.