How do exchange fee tiers work?

Orders on the exchange are charged a small % fee on the total amount for the order. This is based on 2 factors: The order type and your fee tier. A general overview of fees and which fee tier you are on can be found at 

Order Type fees

Different percentages of fees are paid based on the type of order you place. In general, limit orders (maker fee) are cheaper than market orders (taker fee). In some situations, a taker fee can be charged for limit orders, such as setting limit orders roughly at the current market price. For more information on order types and how to deal with differing fee types, see our article about order types: Order type overview

Fee tiers

Spot trading uses a volume reward system where if you trade a lot here, you get rewarded with lower fees. Based on your 30-day exchange trading volume in Euro, your fee tier is set every 24 hours. The current overview of the volume brackets and the fees associated with that tier can be found on the fee overview as well: