Easter promotion 2022

Terms and conditions of the ‘Easter 2022 100%’-promotion:  

These terms and conditions apply to the ‘Easter 2022’-promotion of 2525 Ventures BV (LiteBit), located at Weena 740, 3014 DA Rotterdam (hereinafter referred to as "LiteBit").  

  • Only customers who received an email from LiteBit regarding the ‘Easter 2022’-promotion can participate in this promotion; 
  • To participate in this promotion, participants are able to place trade orders at LiteBit and pay no transaction fees in the action period up to May 1st. More specific participants receive the transaction fees that they have paid for all the orders up-to a cumulative maximum order value of €5000,- in this action period. Participants receive these transaction fees back on their Euro balance in their LiteBit account by May 10;  
  • LiteBit reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotion and this terms and conditions;   
  • Specified timeframe: This promotion runs from the 15th of April (00:00) 2022 until the 30th of April (23:59) 2022;   
  • All transactions done before or after this time slot don’t participate in this promotion; 
  • Participants of the promotion need to have a LiteBit account and be eighteen (18) years or older;   
  • LiteBit’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement apply on this special offer;  
  • The Terms and Condition and Privacy Statement can be found on the website;   
  • Those users involved in promotion manipulation will be disqualified;   
  • LiteBit reserves the exclusive right to exclude customers that it deems fraudulent or unlawful from participating in this promotion;  
  • Prices involved in this promotion can’t be swapped;   
  • The refund of the transaction fees will automatically be transferred to the LiteBit account within 10 working days after the promotion has ended;  
  • The personal data provided to LiteBit in connection with the promotion is processed by LiteBit taking into account LiteBit's Privacy Statement;  
  • LiteBit and its affiliated companies are not liable for any damage resulting from access to, use of and reliance on the information provided, unless this damage is due to intent or gross negligence on the side of LiteBit;  
  • LiteBit is not liable, neither by law nor by agreement, for any consequential damages of the promotion;  
  • LiteBit bears no liability for accidents, too late deliveries, damage or additional costs of any nature whatsoever arising from the promotion, the awarding of the Euro balance or the receipt of the Euro balance;  
  • Despite the greatest possible care that LiteBit devotes to the management of its website and organizing the promotion, it is possible that the information provided and/or displayed is incomplete or incorrect. Printing, spelling or typing errors or other similar errors in material made public by LiteBit, of any nature whatsoever, cannot in any way create an obligation for LiteBit;  
  • LiteBit is not liable in the event of any technical defect and or delays in receiving the Altcoin buy orders;  
  • LiteBit expressly reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, to change these terms or to terminate the promotion prematurely, without LiteBit being liable in any way for compensation of damages towards the participants;  
  • In situations not covered by these terms, a decision will be made by LiteBit;  
  • All intellectual property concerning texts, images, layout, software or other information concerning this promotion belong to LiteBit;  
  • Dutch law applies to this promotion. Any disputes arising from or related to these terms and Conditions or the promotion must be submitted to the competent court in Rotterdam.  
  • For additional information or complaints regarding the promotion or questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact LiteBit's Customer Support (https://www.litebit.eu/nl/contact);  
  • These terms and Conditions can be found on the LiteBit website or can be requested from our Customer Support Service (+31 (0) 10 310 41 75).  

DISCLAIMER: You should be aware that the risks of loss involved with trading or holding cryptocurrencies are substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether trading or holding cryptocurrencies is suitable for you. Don't spend money you don't have.