Troubleshooting login issues

On Thursday December 16th we performed a maintenance update which can have some impact on the login experience at LiteBit. You may be required to login again and this can cause some issues unfortunately. 

To help you on your way we have listed the top issues and solutions if you are experiencing troubles:

1. If you are using the LiteBit app, it is important to update the app to the latest version. You can do so by:

Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for LiteBit. Click on update and open the app

2. My app doesn't work after the maintenance

Update your app as mentioned above to the latest version via the App/Play Store. If that doesn't work you can try to remove the app and reinstall it. 

3. In the app I get an invalid App token saying "error_app_not_updated"

Log out of the app, reset your password and make sure that the app is updated to the latest version.

4. The login button on the website is not working

Go to your browser settings and make sure that cookies are allowed. Your browser is currently blocking functional cookies, which are required.

5. The login button in the app is not working

Your default mobile web browser is blocking cookies. Go to your default browser settings and make sure that you turn on cookies. 

More information regarding cookies can be found on the official support pages of Google and Apple:

Google Android:

Apple iOS :

6. My password doesn't work after the maintenance

Use the reset password feature in the login screen

7. I get an error message which says "invalid password", but I am sure the password is correct

Use the reset password feature in the login screen. 

8. I received an e-mail that my account is blocked

If the e-mail mentions suspicious activity and shows your IP, you can go to the login and click on "forgot password" and reset your password. Make sure the new password does not contain personal information and do not use an old password. 

9. My phone number doesn't work

A phone number could be outdated, request phone change via the support page – submit a request and click on ‘change phone number’

10. Enter your one-time password / code is not working

Please note that the one-time password is your 6 digit code which can be found in your preferred Authenticator app (for example Google Authenticator or Lastpass). If that fails, click "try another method" and choose SMS (in case TOTP/Authenticator does not work)