Wallet removal of Navcoin

All trading for Navcoin (NAV) on LiteBit was stopped on April 12th 2021. This means that buying and selling of NAV is no longer an option. The NAV wallet is currently available, however due to limited support for this wallet we have to end our services for this crypto. This means we will remove all NAV wallets on July 27th 2021.

To prevent any losses of your crypto we urge you to withdraw any remaining NAV you have in your LiteBit wallet to an external wallet. Please make sure you withdraw all your NAV before the 27th of July. Withdrawals are possible up until this date. After this date, it is no longer possible to withdraw this crypto.  

What to do? 

  1. Login to your LiteBit account via the website or app
  2. Go to your wallet page (portfolio in the app)
  3. Withdraw the NAV to an external party or wallet. For more info on available wallets: https://navcoin.org/en/wallets/

Please also see this article for more info on withdrawals:

How do I send cryptocurrency from my LiteBit wallet to an external wallet?