Overview of removed cryptocurrencies

LiteBit strives for a reliable, healthy and fairly priced range of cryptocurrencies on its platform. Some cryptocurrencies traded at LiteBit do not meet these requirements. This made us decide to stop trading various cryptocurrencies.

On April 12, we stopped trading:

Feathercoin, Blackcoin, Myriadcoin, UBIQ, Validity, Okcash, Peercoin, CROWN, Gulden, ORBS, Sirin, Viacoin, Polymath, Navcoin, Particl, Groestl coin, Status.

  • If you have one or more of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies in your wallet, they will remain in your Litebit wallet for the time being.
  • We will remove the wallets after October 22, 2021. Withdraw the coins to an external party or wallet before then!
  • Selling has been temporarily re-enabled to offer an easier way to get your coins out of your wallets. This is an exception to the rule.

There is a period of 6 months after the trading of certain cryptocurrencies has been stopped on our platform in which it is possible to withdraw your funds (if technically possible). After this period, the wallet will be removed and withdrawing is no longer possible.

Update: Wallets for Navcoin are no longer available due to technical limitations. For more information please go to: Wallet removal of Navcoin

Below you will find an overview of cryptocurrencies for which the wallets have been removed in the past.  Withdrawals for these cryptocurrencies are no longer possible.

Removal date Cryptocurrency
01-10-2021 Zcoin, DENT, MCO, CRO
27-07-2021 Navcoin
25-03-2021 Crypto.com
18-02-2020 Bitbay
21-01-2020 Artbyte, Emercoin, Cloakcoin, Breakout, Breakout-stake, Clubcoin, Pesetacoin, Startcoin, Bitsend, Zcoin
15-12-2019 Revolution VR, 2GIVE, Pinkcoin, Bitcoin-SV, Vertcoin


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