How do I verify my external wallet address?

If you want to send cryptocurrency from your LiteBit wallet to another wallet, we have to verify that you are in full control of that wallet address. We have set up a process which you can follow step by step and is completed in a few minutes. You only have to do this once for each wallet address you want to use. After verifying the wallet address, it will show up in your address book for future withdrawals. 

Most customers can follow the simple "confirmation" method. When you are adding a new wallet to your address book or when you are withdrawing crypto, you will have to click the confirmation box which has the following text:

"I hereby confirm my ownership of the above stated receiving wallet address"

Photo method

Anyone currently residing in Austria or France will have to use the photo method. This means that we require a photo verification as proof. This is the result of regulation which is more strict in these countries. Please see below for a step by step explanation.



Step 1

Add the external personal wallet details (name, address + memo / destination tag if applicable) to your Address book. You may enter any wallet name you want. This wallet name is only used for reference.

The wallet address is the external wallet address you want to add. Make sure to copy and paste this correctly. 


Step 2

Follow the instructions to verify your wallet address for creating a legible photo of a handwritten note in combination with your external wallet’s screen showing its address in its account’s context.

For example, if you want to send BTC to your Ledger Nano, you open up the ledger software and navigate to your public BTC address.

If your external wallet is an online wallet for which you have an account, simply log in to that account and navigate to the page which has the public wallet address.

Make sure the wallet address is readable on the photo you have taken. The note should include the word LiteBit and today's date as shown below:


Step 3

Upload this photo file showing your note within your external wallet account screen and confirm your ownership of the displayed wallet address.


Step 4

Click Verify to complete the file upload.

Step 5

Your verification is now being manually checked by our Customer Support team. This process may take between 1- 3 business days. You will receive a verification response via email once the verification is processed. We monitor new verifications every business day between 09.00-17.00. In most cases we should be able to process your verification the same day of submission.