What is a US Person? 

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You are considered a US person if one or more of the situations below apply to you:  

  1. You have a US passport;  
  2. You live in the United States;  
  3. You were born in the United States;  
  4. You have an American home address, postal address, or telephone number;  
  5. You periodically transfer money to the United States;  
  6. You have a power of attorney with an American address;  
  7. You have a Per Address (P/A) in the United States;  
  8. You are in possession of a green card or have been in possession of a green card in the past;  
  9. You are a 'protected person', a non-U.S. citizen who has been granted asylum under the Immigration and Naturalisation Act;  
  10. You meet the so-called 'substantial presence test', which means that you have at least been physically present in the United States for the duration of your stay:  
    1. 31 days in the current year; and  
    2. 183 days in the three-year period consisting of the current year and the two immediately preceding years. These 183 days are the sum of:
      1. all the days on which you were present in the current year; 
      2. one third of the days on which you were present in the first year preceding the current 
        year; and  
      3. one sixth of the days you were present in the second year preceding the current year.  

As a US Person, you may not use the services of LiteBit. By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions of LiteBit you declare to LiteBit that you are not a US Person.