What happens when a cryptocurrency is being delisted from LiteBit?

What happens when a cryptocurrency is removed from LiteBit?

Answer: You will be notified by email of such changes and the relevant announcement will be placed on the website and social media channels. In both cases, LiteBit strives to give such notification at least 30 calendar days prior to the change coming into effect, although certain circumstances may justify a shorter notice period. LiteBit bears no responsibility for any damage that occurs after the removal of a cryptocurrency.

In the event that LiteBit Wallets are terminated for a particular cryptocurrency, you have, if technically possible, 30 calendar days (the “Grace Period”) from the date of the above announcement to do the following:

  1. Transfer any remaining cryptocurrency in this LiteBit Wallet to another wallet that you have created for this cryptocurrency, or
  2. Sell any remaining cryptocurrency in this LiteBit Wallet.

For reasons beyond LiteBit’s influence, the “Grace Period” may be shorter than 30 days. LiteBit cannot be held responsible for this.

LiteBit explicitly has the right to remove cryptocurrency wallets whose listing has been withdrawn six months after the end of the “Grace Period”, including the coins remaining in these wallets. This also applies if the crypto has not yet been transferred to another wallet or has not yet been sold.

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