What are the criteria for adding a cryptocurrency at LiteBit?

LiteBit strives to provide as much support as possible for currencies (in the form of buying, selling and management services). To protect the interests of our users, LiteBit may decide to add or remove currency support for any reason.

We have established some criteria for adding new cryptocurrency in order for you to check whether a currency is eligible:

Team behind the project

  • Commitment of the team to the project and the road map.
  • Quality of official website and information.
  • Communication and availability of the team.
  • Project progress.


  • Liquidity during an undeclared period.
  • Currency is available on non-publicly available major exchanges.
  • Acceptable withdrawal costs.
  • The currency is not suspected of misconduct on the market, such as money laundering, market manipulation or insider trading.


  • Quality and level of development activities.
  • Level of public communication and activity.
  • Smart contract quality and sustainability.
  • Quality and security of the wallet with cryptocurrency.
  • Working with blockchain explorer.
  • No cryptocurrencies that enable or facilitate violation of (Dutch) law.
  • We weigh the extent to which a cryptocurrency (reputation) can cause damage to LiteBit (for example, because the purpose of its creation is controversial or because it concerns weapons, extreme environmental pollution, etc.)


LiteBit strives to communicate the listing of a new currency within 24 hours after the listing and trading.