How do I synchronise my two-factor authentication (2FA) app?

Answer: Follow the steps below to synchronise your app's time with the network. 

Network Time

It is possible that the 2FA codes in your authenticator app do not work because the time on your device is not synchronised with the network. You can synchronise this by following the steps below.

Synchronise on iOS

  1. 'Settings'
  2. 'General'
  3. 'Date and time'
  4. 'Set automatically'

Synchronise on Android

  1. Open your authenticator app
  2. 'Settings'
  3. 'Time correction for codes'
  4. 'Synchronise now'

The time of your device is now synchronised with the network time again. Is your 2FA still not working? Check if you have multiple LiteBit codes among your 2FA codes. You may be using an old code.

New device

Do you no longer have access to the device on which 2FA is set or have you switched phones? Reset the 2FA by using the recovery code or by using the Reset 2FA option.

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