How do I reset my two-factor authentication (2FA) with the 2FA recovery code?

Answer: The recovery code is a one-off code of 20 digits and letters that you received when setting up 2FA for your LiteBit account. Reset the 2FA by following the steps below.


  1. Go to LiteBit
  2. Click on 'Log in' at the top right
  3. Please enter your email address and password
  4. 'Use a recovery code'
  5. Enter your recovery code with dashes in the bar 'Enter your recovery code'
  6. Scan the QR code with your authenticator app
  7. Enter your new 2FA code from the app at 'Enter the 6-digit code'
  8. 'Restore two-step authentication'
  9. Keep the new recovery code you received in a safe place


Reset Code

You will have only seen the recovery code once when enabling the 2FA for your LiteBit account. This is a code of 20 digits and letters. We do not send this code in any other way, because this would be a security risk. If you no longer have the recovery code, you can use the 'Reset 2FA' option. You will need to submit a verification to disable the 2FA. Click here to go directly to this page.