How can I sell cryptocurrency from an external wallet?

You can sell cryptos from an external wallet by transferring them to the LiteBit wallet.

Transfer cryptos to your LiteBit wallet

  1. Log in to your external wallet.
  2. Find your LiteBit wallet address by clicking on the ‘Deposit’ button at the LiteBit wallet of the crypto. 
  3. Transfer the coins to be sold from your external wallet to the address provided.

Sell via your LiteBit wallet

  1. Click on the ‘Sell’ button on your LiteBit wallet.
  2. Enter a quantity of coins to be sold with a minimum value of 15 euros.
  3. Use your 2FA code to confirm the sale.

Is there no LiteBit wallet for the crypto that you want to sell? Sorry, you cannot sell those coins on LiteBit. Only send cryptocurrency to a wallet of the same cryptocurrency, otherwise the transaction may be lost. And make sure that you select the correct network.