How do I verify my identity?


  • You have a smartphone available
  • You are in a quiet, well-lit environment  
  • You have a valid passport or ID card with photo at hand (a driving licence or residence permit is not allowed).  

Please note that we cannot be of service to US persons.

More information about it can be found here. 


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What are the requirements for the ID documents?  

Why is my document rejected?

Here's what you need to do:  

  1. Log in via the website   
  2. Upload your identification (valid passport or ID card)   
  3. Check your identity   
  4. Fill in other information  



You are now successfully verified and can start trading LiteBit again. Are you new to LiteBit and want help making your first purchase? Contact our Customer Support. They will be happy to help you with your first purchase!  

What are the requirements for the ID documents?  

For identity verification, a valid passport or ID card is required. We do not accept a driving licence or a residence permit. The following information must be clearly legible:  

  • Name   
  • Date of birth   
  • Place of birth   
  • Nationality   
  • Gender   
  • Date of issue   
  • Validity date   
  • Document number   
  • Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)  



Why is my document rejected?

Your verification is denied if one or more of the following applies:


ID document:

  • Blurry and/or unreadable documents; make sure that all information on both front and back (if applicable) of the ID document are readable. Pay extra attention to camera flashes or light reflections which may obscure some information. Turn of the flash of your camera if necessary. 
  • Photos where the ID document is not completely visible. Make sure the entire document is in view. 
  • Missing either front or back side of the ID document
  • Masking/marking of the MRZ code
  • Photo of a screen, copy of a copy, scans
  • Black/white photos
  • Resident permits
  • Expired ID document


  • Blurry selfie / dark photo / low quality photo
  • Generic pre-existing photo, for example one taken from social media. Please create a selfie specific for the verification.
  • Selfie not made of the front of your face. Do not make a selfie from the side or with your head tilted. Make sure your face is centered and facing the camera directly

Why do I need to verify my account?

Due to the Wwft legislation that has been in force since May 21, 2020, LiteBit users must have their account verified. If you want to know more about this, click here.


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