How to validate my IP address?

Answer: Click on ‘Start IP address verification’ and click on the link that we sent by email. Open the email on the same device as you have requested the validation on.


How do I validate my IP address?

Are you trying to log in with a new/unknown IP address? We will ask you to validate an IP address in order to protect your LiteBit account. Follow the steps below to validate your IP address:

  1. Click on the bar with ‘Start IP address verification’.
  2. If you have clicked on this button, we will send an email with a unique validation link. Click on this link or copy the URL in your browser.
  3. The IP address has now been validated.

Please note: Do you want to log in on a PC and validate the IP address with a smartphone? Make sure both devices are connected to the same internet network. Is the PC connected to the WiFi and your smartphone with 4G? They will have different IP addresses and the validation will not work.

Quickly go to:

Why do I have to validate my IP address?

I’m not getting emails to confirm my actions, now what?