I did not receive an email to confirm my actions, now what?

 Check your spam / junk e-mail folder. If the e-mail is not in there, please follow the steps below:

  1. Add our email addresses, support@litebit.euand noreply@litebit.eu, to your “whitelist” or add these addresses as a contact. The emails should no longer be blocked by your email provider.  
  2. Try changing your email address. Some email providers block our automatic emails. If you change your email address (i.e. change your email provider), chances are that the new email provider will not block our automatic emails. If you are unable to change your email yourself, please contact Customer Support.
  3. If you do receive emails but they are delayed, activate two-factor authentication (2FA). You can confirm your actions with a 2FA code, and you will no longer receive any emails. Make sure that you continue to receive important tips and updates via email.


Quickly go to:

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