I can no longer log in with two-factor authentication (2FA), what do I do?

Do you no longer have access to your account because of 2FA? This may have various reasons. When setting up 2FA, you have made a link between your LiteBit account and the authenticator app. If you switch phones or remove the app, you will no longer have access to the 2FA codes. Even if you put a backup on your phone, you will unfortunately no longer see the correct codes. 

Reset 2FA

You can reset the 2FA by submitting a verification request. This verification is required to determine that you are the owner of the account. Since 2FA is a security option that gives access to your account, this includes a verification photo with proof of identity. Once your verification has been approved, you can log in again using your email address and password. When logging in to LiteBit, click on 'Reset 2FA' or go directly to the Reset 2FA page.

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