I have been scammed, what should I do?

Scammers will usually try to trick you into sending crypto to them. In most cases you still have full control over your LiteBit account, but sometimes your login credentials can be compromised, and an attacker can access your LiteBit account. That’s why you have to take action as soon as possible! 

If you think you have been scammed, please follow these steps: 

  1. Contact our fraud team by sending an e-mail to fraud@litebit.eu.
    This mailbox is continuously monitored. Our fraud team will freeze your LiteBit account as soon as possible. Freezing an account means that no transactions can leave the platform. Also check out our security page Security page for additional information.
  2. Change your password on your LiteBit account (if possible).
    If your account was breached and the password is changed, you can request a password reset. You can do so at the login page by clicking at “I forgot my password”. 
    If you can’t change your password, because your email was also changed, than contact Customer Support directly and we will help you.
  3. Change the password on your e-mail account.
    An unauthorized person may have access to both your LiteBit account and your email address. We therefore recommend that you change the password of your e-mail account.
  4. Enable two-factor authentication(2FA) on LiteBit and your e-mail account.
    Please see the following link on how to set up the two-factor authentication (2FA). To enable 2FA on your email account, please refer to the documentation of your e-mail provider. 
  5. Contact your local authorities.
    Scammers are criminals. That’s why you should always contact your local authorities.

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