What does this status mean?

From payment to receiving cryptocurrency or money, the transaction goes through a
few phases. Every phase is linked to a status.

Here, you’ll find an overview of all possible statuses on LiteBit.

The following statuses are explained below. By clicking on the status, you will be taken directly to the explanation. 

If you need any further explanation about order status, our support staff is here to help. https://www.litebit.eu/en/contact 


The cryptocurrency was sent to the specified wallet. It may take several hours before the cryptos can be viewed in your wallet.
Several wallets require multiple confirmation procedures before the transaction is shown.
In some cases, the order has been completed but nothing has yet been received in the wallet. The most common reasons can be found below:

Is the receiving address you specified correct?

It is not possible to verify the receiving address for some of the offered cryptocurrencies. Please check whether the address you entered is correct and linked to your wallet.

Is your wallet synchronised?

If your wallet is not synchronised with the network, new transactions will not be visible. In most wallets you can see on which block your wallet is and when the last update took place. If the wallet is not synchronised, you can restart the wallet. In most cases, you can use this option to force the update of the wallet. Or, you can use the “refresh” or “synchronise” button in the wallet.

Do you want to be sure that you are entering the correct wallet address? Try using a LiteBit wallet next time. This is a safe and easy-to-use wallet in which the correct address is automatically used.

For most currencies a cryptocurrency explorer can be found in which you can find all transactions of your wallet. You can also find here whether the transaction has already been completed.


The “Paid” status means that the system has received and confirmed the payment. The order will be processed as soon as possible.


In exceptional cases, LiteBit may return the cryptocurrency or refund money.
Refunds can be made in case of late payment or incorrect verification.

Wrong wallet

The specified wallet address is incorrect or incomplete.
You will receive an automatic email about this, asking you for the correct data. If you did not receive this email, you can create a support ticket with the correct wallet address and the destination tag, if this is required for the wallet.
If you want to be sure that the correct wallet address is being used, use a LiteBit wallet for your next order.


The cryptocurrency of the order is collected and ready to be transferred. We sometimes perform a few checks and verifications. After this, the transaction is created and sent to the cryptocurrency network. When this process is completed and the transaction is confirmed, the status will read “completed”.

On hold

The “On hold” status occurs when an employee is busy processing your order.
This may mean that your order requires extra attention. Extra attention may be required if an order does not have all the correct details to be completed, such as a wrong wallet address or a forgotten destination tag. LiteBit will send you an email if more information is required.

Awaiting confirmations

The “Awaiting confirmations” status means that the transaction has started. The cryptocurrency network still needs to confirm the transaction.

After the transaction has been sent to the specific cryptocurrency network, the transaction must first be confirmed. When a certain number of servers has made this confirmation, the cryptos appear in your wallet. It varies per currency how many confirmations are needed.   

Awaiting payment

The “Awaiting payment” status means that the system is waiting for confirmation that the payment has been completed.
With a SOFORT or SEPA payment, this can take up to 3 working days. 
If you still have this status after 3 working days, please contact Customer Support.


An order expires if the payment for the order is not completed on time. After a short while, these orders are automatically cancelled. 


If an order has expired, it will automatically receive the status “Cancelled” after a short while. In addition, you can also cancel the order yourself if the payment cannot be completed.

Manual Check by LiteBit

It may happen that the status of your transaction remains on Manual Check by LiteBit. This means that LiteBit needs to manually check this transaction before it is processed. Normally this happens within 1-3 business days. We advise you to contact our customer support so we can check this for you.

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