How does the partner program work?

Answer: You receive a payment for orders from linked partners (friends, family and acquaintances).


What is the LiteBit partner program?

Do you know how to encourage others to buy cryptos? This will be rewarded by us. Bring your family, friends and acquaintances to LiteBit via a partner link. For every order that is made (and completed) by your reference partner, you will receive a share of our profit. The amount you have earned will be added to your balance in credits.

How do I bring partners to LiteBit?

  1. Log in to your LiteBit account.
  2. Click on your name at the top right.
  3. Click on ‘Partner program’.
  4. Copy your unique referral link.
  5. Send this link to others and let them create an account via this link.
  6. We will reward you for every order your partner completes.


How much will I receive per order?

For every order that your reference partner makes, you will receive 25% of our margin of profit. This margin of profit lies approximately between 1-2% of the total order. You will thus receive 25% of approximately 1-2% of the total order made by your reference partner. 


There are numerous reasons why a referral might not be added to the account correctly:

  • The referred partner is using an Adblocker, which could possibly block cookies;
  • The referred partner is using an incognito/private screen, which ensures cookies cannot be used;
  • The referred partner has used multiple devices to make an account. For example: they have opened the link on a mobile phone, and made the account on a PC;
  • The referred partner is using clean-up tools that delete cookies;
  • The referred partner used the referral link of a different person, which overrode the referral cookie;
  • The account of the referred partner was already created before the account was linked to the partner program

If any of the above reasons apply, it is unfortunately no longer possible to use the partner program. Furthermore, only account that are created directly via the referral link will be linked.